Friday, September 17, 2010

Free books on Goodreads

Winning free books sounds like a great idea, doesn't it? I just learned that Goodreads has a feature that allows authors or publishers to offer a limited number of free books to readers. The book is listed for a certain period. You enter your name and address, and at the end of the listing period, Goodreads selects the winners, and the publisher sends you a copy of the book. In return, if you're a dutiful person, you post a review of the book once you've read it.

Goodreads is an interesting site in itself. Once you register, you can list books you've read, along with your rating and, if you like, a short review. You can connect with friends to see what they've enjoyed reading lately. You build a sense of your own library and reading history, and you learn what others say about books.

So I recommend you all drop by and take a look. To get the the free books, click on "Find Books" on the homepage, and then on "giveaways" on the page that comes up.

While you're on Goodreads, look for Lost in Lexicon, and if you've read it, rate it and say something nice!

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