Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lost in Lexicon arrives!

The books have arrived at last! Today I took delivery of 69 boxes full of copies of Lost in Lexicon. Another 1200 went to distributors, and 170 went directly to bookstores. We're on our way.

I had wondered for a long time how it would feel to hold my book in my hand. It's a nice weight, with a glossy feel to the cover. I'm hesitant to open one even to autograph the second page, because I want any new owner to experience it in its untouched state. And yes, it feels wonderful, a lifetime dream fulfilled. I'm very fond of my characters, and now so many more people will get to meet them that I'm extremely happy. Now I'll start doing signings, talks, events, and interviews, all in hopes of introducing the world of Lexicon to a lot more kids.


Anonymous said...

For someone who loves to read, I agree that there is nothing quite like holding a new book in your hands. For me, just looking at it before I open the cover gives me a feel of anticipation and wonder. I hope that it will take me to wonderful places and I'll have a great time getting there. All of us here in Maine congratulate you on this literary achievement and Lian thinks that there should definitely be a sequel. Who knows? Perhaps a coastal town of some sort may figure in there somehow.

Penny said...

Oh, there will definitely be a sequel. Look at the map at the front of Lost in Lexicon to get a clue about that.

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