Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dragon Books: Lexicon event and book signing

Here I am signing books for a friend and neighbor. Today, a beautiful sunny day, Dragon Books in Weston hosted the world premiere Lexicon event and book signing. The Tumblehome team wants to make each signing a fun family outing, so we had balloons, activities, a stand-in Emily the thesaurus, and even a visit from the Mistress of Metaphor, dunning visitors for meaty metaphors to stir into her pot.

Friends and neighbors came by with their dogs, children, grandchildren, and bicycles. They checked in with Frank Lee Officious, an official from Lexicon, who handed them a travel guide and showed them on their way. They found synonyms to feed Emily, made Tangrams of shapes found in the book, came up with metaphors, and did a mirror maze. They even bought 35 books.

Altogether we've developed ten different stations of activities for different audiences and settings - six more beyond those we used today. My partner in designing the activities and the Lexicon Travel Guide, a guru of getting everything together in time, is Kirsten Cappy of Curious City in Maine. She's a genius at drawing books and kids together through events that bring literature to life, and I'm amazed at her efficiency.

Next week I get to try out the full-scale Lexicon villages event at Alamosa Books in New Mexico. I have one huge suitcase packed with signs and materials, and I'll have to carry along another small one for clothes!

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Anonymous said...

The Mistress of Metaphor's pot received many good metaphors and similes....but we are going to need the help of the translators in New Mexico this week to really get the Fog of Forgetting to go away.

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