Thursday, May 5, 2011

Larry Davidson, Brookline's Pi Man

I just stumbled across this lovely blog post about last month's Lexicon evening in Brookline. Larry Davidson teaches math at Weston High School, where he taught two of my kids. He's an enthusiast of linguistics, and he also has a sister who teaches at both the college and elementary school level. It was Ellen Davidson who introduced a club of fourth grade readers to Lost in Lexicon, and it was the boys, now my favorite fourth graders, who invited me to bring Lexicon to their school.

Larry, as he explains in his post, staffed the village of Irrationality, helping kids use measurement to approximate pi.

Because of a promise made by the Mistress of Metaphor, I owe each of those boys a manuscript copy of The Ice Castle, which is still in draft form. I'll send the copies out tomorrow, I promise!

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merrydyth22 said...

Oh that Mistress of Metaphor... always making promises she can't keep :)

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