Saturday, July 9, 2011

1st edition of Lost in Lexicon out of print - 2nd edition on the launch pad

Officially, the first edition of Lost in Lexicon went out of print June 1. On that day, at the request of the distributor of the second edition, which is to be released August 9, the distributor of the first edition stopped sending out books and asked bookstores to pull the first edition from the shelves. The reason was to avoid confusion among retailers seeking to order copies of the new edition.

Since the official OP day, sales have, according to BookScan, slowly drifted down. For a while, Amazon seemed to be able to magically replenish its stock, but today, finally, I notice that on Amazon Lost in Lexicon is only "available from other suppliers." Meanwhile, Kindle sales (and I presume other e-book sales) have trended upward.

What nobody appears to be doing is pre-ordering copies of the second edition. The Amazon rank of that book is a truly impressive (in a negative way) 3.3 million. I'm curious to see how much that rank will change when somebody actually pre-orders a book. Anyone?

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Penny said...

Wow. I just found out the answer. Somebody (I'm assuming just one powerful person) bought a copy of the new edition, and its Amazon rank went from 3,340,000 to 102,000.

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