Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Visit to the College of St. Catherine

This morning I had a chance to talk to Kate Kelly's children's literature class for prospective teachers at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN. We spent some time discussing the media-saturated world our kids live in and what books still have to offer in building the vocabulary, knowledge base, and imagination of children. Then I talked about how I came to write Lost in Lexicon and what I was trying to accomplish in doing so.

Interspersed throughout, we played games. Here are some of the anagrams the students solved:


We had to leave that word up a while, because even I had forgotten what it was. A student, though, figured it out. (Hint: it appears on pages 36 and 42 of the book.)

We also did activities and games with word roos, Tangrams, and the Flora activity from the Lexicon Villages event, which consists of building sentences (flowers) from words with different parts of speech printed on different colored petals.

We didn't have time for an activity involving the square root of two I wanted to try. Maybe next time.

I really like talking to teachers and student teachers, so if anyone has a group they'd like to visit, drop me a line. And here's a special cheer for BreeAnn, anagram champ, and Glamorous Amaris, who won a copy of Lost in all their classmates.

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