Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday Google Doodle for Robert Noyce

For December 12, Robert Noyce's birthday, Google decided to honor the inventor of the integrated circuit with a Google doodle of his own. Since it's already December 12 in China, it's already showing there, and my friend Barnas sent me a sneak peek:

As Barnas points out, this is a pretty advanced integrated circuit. I like it, and I like the subtlety of the Google logo.

I wish my father were here to see it, but even without that, this is a tribute that means a lot to me.

Addendum: Here is a very sweet note that came to the Noyce Foundation from Turkey:

(first my english is not good but ı think god thiks about
Robert Noyce

good night..

I from Turkey.. I like elektronic machines .. Micro is very succesfull object for every elektronic machines..

ı thinks if microprocessor doesnot live our life, we will use nothing in ours life, about cars, computers, tv,music players and etc..

because every electronic machine use microprocessor ... thank you Robers NOYSE ... you find microprocessor..

good sleep Mr. Noyce in your garden of Eden...


Marva Dasef said...

Very wonderful and cool. I didn't realize you came from early electronic stock. I, too, was early in the circuits game, but only as an observer.

ayaniv said...

Wonderful tribute to a deserving person, I must say!

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