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Chinese article on Robert Noyce

Just for fun, I thought I'd share the literal Google-translated version of the Chinese language Google article on Robert Noyce. I've inserted paragraph breaks to make it more readable, but other than that, this is straight from the mouth of Google.
Robert Noyce was born in December 1927, Intel co-founder, on June 3, 1990 death.

Robert Noyce - Overview
Name (in English) RobertNoyce institutions and functions of Intel co-founder
Date of birth December 12, 1927 was born
June 3, 1990 death of
country of birth, place of Burlington, Iowa, United States
Education in 1953, by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) PhD
in 1949, by Greenwich School of Arts degree.

Professional background was founded in 1968, Intel Corporation was founded Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957, Silicon Valley heroes get together, but also a person in order to gain wealth, prestige and success, it is prohibitively difficult. Everywhere the distance, only about Robert Noyce is the trinity of saints. As the inventor of integrated circuit, Noyce has go down in history in the history of science. And he also co-founded with two other people in Silicon Valley, one of the greatest, the first is the cradle of the semiconductor industry - Fairchild (Fairchild) company, has become history; the second is still among the largest companies in the U.S. This is Intel Corporation.

Of course, Noyce is also a contradictory unity, this contradiction can only come from a Midwest pastor's son. Noyce's childhood seems to summarize the range of crazy ambition and entrepreneurial spirit of the time split between the conservative state.

Robert Noyce - experience
December 12, 1927, Noyes was born in Iowa, southeast of denmark (Durlington) town. Father was pastor of the church justice, but also takes him around the family migration. 12 years old, he and brother had a self-made hang glider, this huge kite almost given away the life of the brothers.

University life, versatile Noyce themselves, and reap the limelight. One bedroom party, open a South Pacific flavor banquet. The only drawback is the lack of a whole roasted pig. Noyce and another student were entrusted with the task: to steal the pig farm nearby. They do not live up, come up with a 25 pounds of pork, heroically triumph, banquet a great success. But next morning the case exposed, in Iowa, stealing pigs and stealing horses, on the gallows 50 years ago, is sin. Noyce saved his life, also escaped criminal charges, but schools can not escape punishment. After some transactions, penalties for non-weight: one semester suspension, made with fair Life Insurance Company of New York City to do the statistical work. Noyce stole the infamous pig face disgrace, but also about New York's fast-paced world.

In 1956, technical report at the meeting in Washington, Shockley was impressed by his report. "After one month, Shockley called and said he intends to open a West Coast company, to join with me to discuss matters of the company." Noyce without any hesitation, follow. Because Shockley's patriarchal style, tossing two years did not come up with any excuse, Noyce and seven other people with the collective resignation is "treason eight people to help." Noyce is the only 8 people who look a little leadership. So he picked first as managing director.

Noyce has no doubt was a charismatic figure, a man born to lead others, but he was not a great manager. He was too is true, even when there is no crisis in the company's ability to dismiss or demote people. He will maintain Fairchild nearly 10 years, the final because he lost control of the company leaving the company in crisis. Since then, the rebellion became the basic characteristics and the development of Silicon Valley an important way. In 1969, Senna Wa semiconductor industry bigwigs held a meeting with Nosey made calculations and found that among 400 participants, only 24 had not worked at Fairchild.

August 1968, Noyce and Gordon Moore of R & D and process development experts with the resignation of Andy Grove. The first three went to visit King Arthur Rock, venture capitalists. A total of only five minutes to raise enough venture capital 2.5 million U.S. dollars. Later, Rock recalls: "We already are very good friends ... ... ... official documents? Fact that it is. Noyce's reputation alone is enough, we sent only one half of a simple notification, But people see it before I go there early to raise money enough, if you try to finish this today, perhaps 5 cm thick file to write. "opened a new company, initially named the company" Moore - Noyce Electronics ", but always feel awkward, because in the English language, MooreNoyce sounds like morenoise (noisy), it is indecent tame. The new company will be renamed Intel (Intel).

The first product shipment, the company gathering congratulated 18 employees, three feet tied together on the plaster of the wounded, including Noyce, when he broke his leg skiing, another employee was ejected in the ankle or broken . From these injuries can be reflected in the company at that time vigor and vitality. Intel created the beginning of the Noyce played a key role in laying the corporate culture, creating a wall of the compartment is not a new pattern of office, the abolition of the management hierarchy.

The late 1970s, Noyce began separated from the company's daily operations, he became active in domestic and foreign stage. Moore and Grove began to dominate the company's management. Noyce nature free and easy, open-minded is true. His most adventurous, it seems dangerous and stimulation in order to alleviate some of the inner contradictions and pressures of life: skiing, paragliding, surfing, driving a Peugeot brand car or driving his amphibious aircraft. Whenever I hear the technical backbone of the new ideas, he was always bright eyes, full of curiosity, makes much infection and encouraged.

In June 1990, at a business meeting before the Noyce go swimming. The greatest figure in the semiconductor industry, died suddenly of a heart attack, at the age of 62 years. As a pastor's grandson and son, family background shaped his pure and honest soul. But came to California, he stopped going to church, and began to smoke, drink alcohol and sometimes also (which is most important to teach the rules, the evil one). And he and the wife married and divorced, and with a much younger woman than he remarried. However, in view of his achievements, God will forgive him. Semiconductor industry pioneer, from 1967 to 1991 led the National Semiconductor, a chip industry's most important manufacturers, and leading Silicon Valley companies with fierce Japanese progress, won the semiconductor war.

What more can I say about my father? This article says it all.


Manchaca said...

It says it all, and then some!

Marva Dasef said...

Ah, the good old days in Silicon Valley before it was Silicon Valley. My company bought lots of chips from Intel. We didn't last as long, though employees did work for the first shipment of our computers in a similar condition. Broken legs and all.

Wonderful write-up.

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