Saturday, February 4, 2012

Taipei tidbits

A few random observations from Taipei:

Somewhere near our booth is another group that starts every morning with a company cheer. I haven't been able to convince the Tumblehome Learning team to do the same.

One to two percent of people I see in any public place are wearing face masks - whether because they have colds or because they don't want to get colds I don't know.

There are lots of little cartoon characters everywhere - in windows, projected in lights on the sides of buildings, or walking down the street.

People tend to travel by taxi, subway, bus, or motorbike, so there aren't that many private cars on the road.

Wireless internet service is free all over Taipei - except in the Grand Hyatt, where it costs $9 a day.

The major intersections have diagonal crosswalks, so you don't have to cross one street and then wait to cross the other.

I've seen a couple of people pushing lap dogs around in special dog strollers. The dogs are wearing not only doggie sweaters but little doggie trousers.

When the temperature is in the fifties, people bundle up and complain about the cold.

When we applied for government ID numbers, there were multiple clerks, no lines, and no fees. After getting our numbers, we got to press a button to rate the level of service we received.

Two little Taiwanese boys, two or three years old, visited the Houghton Mifflin booth across from ours yesterday. Both wielded huge inflatable baseball bats decorated with the stars and stripes. Every couple of minutes they gave each other an enormous whack with the bats and immediately both fell down dead, sprawled completely flat on the floor. Then they got up and did it again.

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Mom2two said...

Thanks for the laugh at the end of this post. Sounds just like something my 5 year old would do. :)

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