Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's new in Lexicon?

Lexicon is still my first love, even as I strike out on other writing and publishing adventures. And this week has been an exciting one. First, I learned from my publisher that The Ice Castle is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The catch: actual publication date isn't until August 14. But the Barnes & Noble deal, at least, is really excellent: 43% off list price.

The Ice Castle brings Ivan and Daphne back to Lexicon - but this time accompanied by their musically talented younger cousin Lila. The three cousins are lost in the Land of Winter, where all that matters is how well you can sing (Ivan can't at all), and spring won't come until the Diva... but I don't want to ruin it for you. Let me just say that there are bears, musical leaves, prison, silver mines, a palace, a handsome rebel, an old enemy, and lots and lots of snow, not to mention lovely artwork by Joan Charles.

In a second exciting occurrence this week, I received my first royalty check from Scarletta Press. Although this is not the first time I've been paid for my writing, it's the first time I've been paid a royalty from an established publisher. Getting a royalty check is a bit like getting any other paycheck for the first time: you're stunned by how much they take out. Distribution fee, reserve against returns - but still, it's a recognition of your work in the marketplace.

Third, this morning I finished the first chapter of my first draft of the third book in the Lexicon series, which I expect to call The Harbor of Bezant. I've been mulling this book over for about a year, and now my schedule has cleared enough to let me start putting it on paper. Or rather, on a hard disk, which is what substitutes for paper now.

Tomorrow I take off on another grand adventure, this time a long-scheduled voyage to Argentina with select friends and family. My hope is that I'll be able to report from Bahia Bustamante on the Patagonia coast, from Buenos Aires, and from an estancia. And I mean to use some quiet mornings to write.

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Ardyth said...

I love the cover for "Ice Castle." And I'm excited you're finally writing book 3! I always love the first draft of a book, it's so energizing to play around with the characters and situations.

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