Monday, October 8, 2012

Five Reasons to Support Indie Bookstores

What's so great about independent bookstores? Why should you support them?

1.  Indie bookstores are run and staffed by people who know and love books.  These are people who work in a bookstore for the chance to be around books and people who read them.  They know they're not going to be making huge profits.

2. Indie bookstores support literacy.  They partner with schools, organize book clubs, and showcase local authors.

3. Indie bookstores are cozy and welcoming.  They're a human size, usually 2000-3000 square feet instead of 20,000 square feet like a big box store.

4. They're local.  When you support an indie bookstore, you're supporting the vitality of the neighborhood surrounding it. If you want a place to browse, talk about books, and support brave and hardworking entrepreneurs in your neighborhood, make regular visits to your local independent bookstore.

5. They're opinionated.  Independent bookstores have their own publication, Indie Next, a quarterly newspaper that contains recommendations from independent bookstore owners and staff.  Instead of just reading about bestsellers or books with the biggest advertising budgets, you can read recommendations from astute and sympathetic readers.

6.  Here's a bonus reason for the month of October:  you can win a stocking stuffer.  Visit your local independent bookstore, buy a book, scan the receipt, and send it to me at  In return, I will send you a Tangram set.  If your scanned receipt show that you bought a copy of Lost in Lexicon or The Ice Castle, I'll send two Tangram sets.*

If you need help locating your closest independent bookstore, check here.

Go on.  If it's been too long since you stepped into that local store with its smell of books and its crowded shelves, make this the week you visit. You'll enjoy it, and before long you'll even have a new puzzle to use or share for the holidays.

* Offer good while Tangram supplies last.  (We have about 900 left.)

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